Image Description Less than a week to go before I toe the starting line at the Twin Cities Marathon on October 6th. I survived one of the busiest weeks for me at work and still managed to get in the necessary training and even found some time to travel to a wedding. I didn’t think things could get any crazier until I found myself at the emergency room with my daughter last night. Fortunately the doctor was able to rule out a more serious ailment and it appears she is just fighting a bug of some sort. Not being able to make her pain go away is very painful for me. ..ugh.

In regards to training, “The hay is in the barn” as my college coach Duane Vandenbushe would say. Last Saturday’s workout was short and sweet. Under less than ideal conditions (frosty first snowfall of the year-25 degrees) I ran what I believe to be the fastest 5k effort on course that I can remember. Granted previous efforts were before I committed myself to the marathon training. My Sunday long run was only 90 minutes long with the 1st hour pretty slow pushing Marina in baby jogger and then the last 30 minutes on my own and increasing pace.

As I reflect on my lead up to the marathon, I needed every single minute and mile that I have run. I have done what I could that was within my control to prepare and now I just have to trust that on race day my body and mind will be in sync to put my best effort forward. My heart can’t help but race a little bit when I start thinking of racing. I haven’t had this feeling in a really long time. I know from past experience that it usually means I care and I just need to keep my nervous energy controlled. Although I am not training or racing at the top level I once did, I do still have performance goals and expectations.

The focus of this final week is getting some rest with just enough running to keep my muscles responsive and fluid. I have one final workout tomorrow; I now really start thinking of my game plan including my mental game. The conditions are expected to be ideal for marathon racing on Sunday with cool temperatures in the forecast. I have 3 separate lists going at the moment: #1, My running and racing packing list which will now include some gloves and arm sleeves amongst all the other must haves; # 2, My list of things to pack and prepare for my almost 3 year old as she will stay with family while I am gone for the first time; and List #3, My To-Do List of things I need to get done at work, at home etc. before leaving town. Still lots to do and think about; the marathon might just be the only time I can let my thoughts be consumed with racing because until then it’s multitasking all day long.

– Elva Dryer

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