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Principles of the SMART Running Method

SPECIFIC- Define your goals. Be specific; determine what specifically you need to get on the road to achieving your goal.

  • Do you want to improve your your speed or endurance?
  • Do you have a specific race you would like to prepare for?
  • Do you want to run a certain goal time? Do you want to start running?
  • What is your action plan?
MEASURABLE- Have plans to measure your progress. How will you determine, evaluate and track your progress and extent to which goal has been met?

  • Follow a training plan and keep record of your training including effort and result so you can review at future date and see progress.
  • Repeat workouts on same course etc. throughout your training plan and see if you made progress; whether effort felt easier or time improved progress is progress.
ACCOUNTABILITY- Have a plan to hold yourself accountable. Find a coach or training group that will provide support.

  • Consider investing in a personal coach or personalized training plan. A personal coach will help keep you on track to achieving your goal.
  • Follow a training plan, preferably one personalized to keep your specific goals and personal fitness in mind. A plan will provide a game plan to keep you moving forward and upward.
  • Have someone you can meet for runs/workouts. By having someone waiting on you, you are less likely to falter.
  • Record your training. This will help you monitor your progress and provide immediate feedback as to what is getting done and what is not.
  • What is your action plan?
REALISTIC: Goals should be challenging but realistic. Keep goals realistic and attainable and set yourself up to be successful.

  • Be realistic when assessing your fitness.
  • Set realistic goals. Example: If it is your 1st marathon distance attempt and you have little to no running experience do not attempt do not attempt to run a 3 hr. or 4 hr. marathon unless you are willing to put in the long term commitment to working towards such a goal.
  • Set a realistic time-line to achieve your goal.
TIMELY: What is your timeline to achieving your goal?

  • Goals should be challenging but realistic. Keep that in mind when determining your preferred outcome.
  • Give yourself a chance by setting yourself up to succeed. Plan ahead and assess your fitness on a regular basis and adjust your goals accordingly. You may even surprise yourself and exceed your expectations if you are SMART in your training.

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